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Tax Returns

Tax and Business Attorney | Tax Returns For Businesses And Business Owners

Tax implications can be extremely complex for businesses and for business owners. Most owners of small to midsize businesses are not tax experts, and the tax matters they will face - both professionally and personally - require the services of a skilled and experienced tax practitioner.

At the law firm of Herman J. Marino Ltd., P.C., we prepare tax returns for businesses, business owners and other individuals in Illinois and beyond with a range of tax return matters. Attorney Marino has more than 35 years of experience in the tax field, including 25 years of tax law experience as a lawyer and 10 years in public accounting. In addition to being a licensed attorney, he is a financial planner with a Master of Law degree (LL.M.).

Chicago Tax Return Attorney Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

At our law firm, we do more than just returns. We take the time at the beginning of the representation to identify each client's goals. We will base your tax preparation on your goals, provide you with valued counsel and representation regarding:

  • Minimizing tax liability
  • Avoiding tax audits
  • Integrating your tax reporting with your estate planning goals
  • Reporting taxes for your business
  • Minimizing liability and maximizing benefits on your personal tax returns if you are a business owner

Every client has different tax goals. We will tailor our tax preparation based on your individualized objectives and incorporate our tax planning approach into your comprehensive business plan.

Tax Representation For New Businesses

If you are forming or organizing a new business, we can help you determine the best corporate entity based on your business goals. Each entity will have different tax implications. With a wealth of experience handling business matters, we provide you with sound legal counsel regarding the best entity choice and the type of tax return you should file.

Personalized Service

Many people seeking tax-related legal counsel are attracted to the big downtown law firms. However, many larger firms are built on high-volume caseloads, with inexperienced associates handling a large percentage of the actual work conducted for clients.

At our law firm, we bring all of the experience and skill of a larger firm, with the ability to provide individualized service in a more cost-effective manner.

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